What You Do

With Goldline you will be trading the world’s primary stock markets; The Dow Jones and Nasdaq in the USA, The Nikkei in the Far east and the DAX in Germany. You can profit from frantic trading in the Far East…while you are sleeping!

Goldline removes the need for you to spend hours pouring over charts and data, checking the effect of the latest news, or spend hours working out the logistics of each trade or stop; Goldline does all this for you. The whole process is COMPLETELY automated, from downloading the data, to analyzing the effect on your current trades to plotting your new positions.

“This trading system must be one of the simplest on the market to use, in the fact that it only takes about 15 minutes each trading day to run the system and place the trades, and then you can forget it until the next day, if you wish – it’s as easy as that. Managed to more than double our money in the first 6 months. No charts or news to watch either.
I would highly recommend it.”
RG – Cornwall

Unlike day trading, there is no need for you to constantly watch the screen
Over the medium to long term, the markets have been two horse race, they have gone up and they have gone down. The Goldline trading strategy is to set a number of trades in advance of the market activity. If the market goes up, your buy trade is triggered. If it goes down, your sell trade is triggered. Preset stops close out your trade to minimize risk if the market goes against you, and to bank your profits before they slip away.

Financial Spread betting companies want you to win!
Unlike sports betting, you are not limited to how much you can win. Successful gamblers betting on sports can soon find the bookies closing their accounts, shortening the odds or limiting their bets if they show any level of profits. This is why professional gamblers are now waking up to financial trading!

The indices we trade are global, billion pound markets- insurance companies, pension funds, massive pools unaffected by individuals. Financial Spread betting firms make money from winning trades as they can choose to hedge part of their liabilities in the market and still make their margin on the spread.

Your trades are placed directly and very simply on line. The whole process, from running the Goldline program to placing the trades takes just 5 minutes a day.

Goldline for the end user it is extremely simple. Behind the scenes however the program is the product of many years work and development. The result is a highly effective but extremely simple to use strategy.

Our ongoing support ensures that we will be right along side you through all your trading activity. We have dedicated support to answer all your questions, and help you get your trading underway successfully. Trading with Goldline financial home trading systems is not just exceptionally profitable; it’s also very exciting to be part of the successful trading elite!